Enhanced Benefits for 529 Plan Account Beneficiaries

Family members who planned ahead for college costs may now have an additional benefit available with the 529 college savings plans.  For families that have funds left over in their 529 accounts after college was paid for, there have historically only been a few ways to extract the funds.  Each way has its own set of […]

Challenges with the Mindset Shift: A Common Experience for Retirees

Our office has the privilege of not only managing client assets, but coaching folks through life milestones. I personally have met with a few of clients recently that have been experiencing what we call, “challenges with the mindset shift.” Most investors we work with invest 30 plus years to accumulate and build their family’s net […]

Fostering a Family Atmosphere

One of the best things about working here at Marzano Capital Group is the camaraderie and family feel that we have and share in the office.   We try, every day, to be a destination for clients and prospective clients.  Working with us can provide a warm, inviting, educational and compassionate experience for those seeking investment […]

Strategies for Building Wealth and Achieving Financial Independence

The desire to achieve financial independence and establish lasting wealth is something that resonates with everyone. It may sometimes feel like an unattainable dream, but with the right strategies and mindset, considerable progress can be made towards your financial goals. Here, I will share practical and effective strategies we implement with our clients to help […]

Why Us? Why Now?

With a multitude of choices available to investors in this modern day, why would someone hire Marzano Capital Group as their Registered Investment Advisor or their financial professional? I have been asked that question many times over the last 20 years.  In reality, the question is a great open ended conversation starter and by the same […]

What’s My Number?

Our team has the pleasure of engaging in life planning conversations with clients and potential clients often. We consider this trust a great privilege. One of the most rewarding aspects of our role as financial advisors is helping folks determine their ”number.” A recent conversation with a potential client comes to mind. In the initial […]

Financial Decisions: Emotions vs. Logic

Money is an emotional topic.  Whether we are saving money or spending money, we usually make those decisions based on how it makes us feel rather than formulating decisions based on logic.  However, emotions are probably what motivates us to save to begin with.  Feeling the need to save for a house, retirement, or even […]

Operation Dream Coach

With the first quarter of 2023 coming to a close, our team has had the opportunity to review with the many investors we work with at Marzano Capital Group.  The depth of our conversations has been robust, in light of a difficult year in both stocks and bonds.  We view those conversations as a privilege.  […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Making a New Year’s resolution can come with a little hesitation.  By that same token, we know that the start of the year is always a good time to assess what’s going right in your personal and financial life and what you want or need to improve on. The beginning of the year is like a new […]