The Never-Ending Pursuit of Money

What would it be like to be ultra-wealthy? Would it mean homes in Hawaii and Paris? Do you envision sailing a luxury yacht across the Mediterranean? What about chartering a trip to space? While it is fun to imagine, this is not the reality for most of us. You might have heard the term “Ultra […]

How a Financial Advisor Can Help Lower Your Tax Bill

Tax planning is a vital part of any wealth management strategy, but reducing your tax burden is not always a straightforward process, especially for individuals with more complicated returns. Careful planning can help minimize your tax liability leaving you with more money to further your financial goals. Tax planning is not just something you think […]

Protect Your Children From Their Inheritance

Wealthy families often find themselves grappling with how to effectively pass along assets to their children while ensuring those children are ready for the responsibility. As we tread towards the largest generational wealth transfer in history, there is a growing need to ensure those inheriting the assets are adequately prepared to handle them. There are […]

Answering Your Kids Toughest Money Questions

Kids ask tough questions about money. It’s how they learn. As a parent, these are teachable moments that offer a chance to impart some financial wisdom to them.  Start by asking them questions for clarification. After all, “Why does a lawyer always answer a question with a question?” Answer: “Why shouldn’t a lawyer answer a […]

3 Lesser-Known Milestones as You Enter Retirement

As you may already be aware, the earliest someone can begin drawing Social Security benefits is at age 62.  As you enter the red zone for retirement or perhaps are already retired, I want to share 3 less common retirement age milestones that are important pieces of your overall financial plan. The first of these […]

Wealth Concentration Risk

Simply put, Concentration Risk is having too much of your net worth tied up in one investment. The investment could be an individual stock-we see this a lot with equity compensated folks that receive stock options. Another example could be real estate which is also common. At Marzano Capital Group, our general rule of thumb […]

Year-End Checklist

As 2023 comes to an end, it is time to ensure that you have taken care of a couple of things.  I’m going to share with you a checklist that will help you stay organized, informed and up to date. 401(k)/IRA/Roth IRA Contributions – The 2023 contribution limit for 401(k) plans is $22,500 with an […]

Nurturing Generational Wealth: Passing on More Than Money

In the realm of affluent families, securing a financial legacy is a common objective. It’s not merely about transferring wealth; it’s about imparting values, an endeavor that comes with its own set of complexities. Drawing from my experience as a financial advisor, let’s explore this vital issue. One concern commonly voiced by affluent parents and […]

Improving Your Financial Health

This year is almost in the record books and we hope that our readers have had an opportunity in 2023 to take away bits and pieces of useful information.  No one knows for sure what 2024 will bring us financially but there are always ways to improve your overall financial situation.  Empowering readers with useful […]