Finding Balance This Summer

For many, summertime is a most-joyous time of year. Local students trade their notebooks and pencils for fun in the sun. The annual family trip that everyone looks forward to is finally here, and sometimes even full-time working professionals can take well-deserved time away from their daily responsibilities. 

However, I have found that many full-time workers are still performing tasks related to their careers during their time off, especially business owners. I have even found myself doing this on a recent vacation and realized that prioritizing your time, even while away, is important. The following are a few items that have helped me see the bigger picture:

  1. Prioritize. If you must focus on work items while on R&R, create a list and tend to the items that are the most time sensitive. As a working professional, you know your time is valuable and your time on vacation should be treated the same exact way.
  1. Productivity. If being out of the office makes you feel behind and you feel the need to work on a few items while away, focus on the items that are most productive to your business. Is the item you are working on benefiting a customer or client? Or is it something you can cross off your list when you return?
  1. Team Effort. If you have partners in your business or employees/work associates, lean on them. Not everyone can do every single task to keep the business running; therefore, if you are out of the office and your work associate is not, consider reaching out to them for assistance. You will return the favor next time they are out of the office and are in a time crunch.
  1. Time-Block. Just as you would during your day at the office, block off time where you can make sure you are focused. Consider returning e-mails and phone calls only at certain times in the day, so the rest of the time you can focus on your time off! 
  1. Enjoy. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t miss out on precious time with family and friends. You have worked hard to earn time off, so enjoy it!

Sticking to these guidelines helped me enjoy my recent vacation. Like many professionals, I do not like feeling behind on my work-related task, but I also want to make sure I am able to enjoy the time away with my family. Give these a try and I hope they work for you. From all of us at Marzano Capital Group, enjoy your summer!

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