3 Mistakes To Avoid Before Taking Required Minimum Distributions

Uncle Sam wants your money. He has bills to pay, just like you. And he’s been waiting patiently for decades for you to hand over his share of your tax-deferred retirement dollars. He expects some folks to be stubborn about it, so he has an answer. It’s called a required minimum distribution (RMD), and savers […]

History Of St. Patrick’s Day

On Saint Patrick’s Day, towns hold festive parades, people head to restaurants to dine on Irish fare, children pinch each other if they don’t wear green, and everything from beers to milkshakes turn the color of shamrocks. Wondering about the roots of these celebrations? Then, take a look at this brief history of Saint Patrick’s […]

Recognizing And Avoiding Online Scams

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of U.S. data breaches hit a new high in 2017. Nearly 20% of breaches included credit and debit card information, a nearly 6% increase from the prior year. The actual number of records included in these breaches grew by a dramatic 88%.1 This crime occurs when […]

Another Summer Storm

U.S. stocks have hit another trade-induced summer storm. The S&P 500 Index fell 3% on Monday, its worst day since December 2018. The index is now about 6% from record highs in U.S. stocks’ worst bout of volatility since May. As shown in the LPL Chart of the Day, Storms Happen Often in U.S. Stocks, stock volatility […]

Children And Wealth: Important Lessons Start Early In Life

Wealth can be a mixed blessing — one that creates great opportunity as well as weighty responsibility — especially for children. As a parent, grandparent, or concerned relative, you hope to pass on what you have learned about managing and preserving wealth to the younger generation. However, you want the family legacy to be about […]

Understanding + Patience + Advice: Better Outcomes

Most investors are aware that 2016 has begun as a turbulent year in the stock markets. Markets have been on a roller coaster lately, due to a number of factors, including oil and changing economic conditions overseas. Given the recent turbulence, many investors may have doubts about their long-term investment strategy. However, investors would be […]

The 50-30-20 Rule

If you’re like millions of Americans, you often live from paycheck to paycheck, working to just “get by” without the opportunity to develop significant wealth or long-term savings. And unless you’re the chairman of a Fortune 500 company or a recent lottery winner, chances are you live on a tight budget to make sure ends […]