Build, Maintain, Transfer

What can a financial advisor do for you? I believe this is a very valid question as many financial professionals hold themselves out as “Financial Advisors” and it can become a bit confusing for investors. One of our mottos in the office is “Build, Maintain and Transfer.” Below, I expand on these points and explain the value we strive to add to our client’s financial situations:

  1. Build: Yes, it is our duty as your team of financial advisors to help you build wealth and meet your goals over time, however this does not always mean you have to invest solely for your retirement years when you work with an advisor. We help our clients identify their short-term and long-term goals and invest their funds accordingly. Maybe you want to build up funds for a new addition on your home in the coming years? An advisor should help you plan to invest these funds differently than your retirement accounts based on the time horizon of the goal(s). 
  1. Maintain: Our team is privileged to work with many folks across the country who have saved their entire professional career and are now stepping into retirement. As your advisors, where we look to add the most value in this situation is to help our clients identify their spending needs and help come up with an appropriate withdrawal rate from their investment portfolio. What I mean by this statement is we look to help clients understand if the withdrawals out of their investments are sustainable. We work hard to make sure our clients spending needs are met while still leaving potential for their net worth to continue climbing during non-working years. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing; however, we work hard to construct client portfolios in a manner that position them for a successful outcome throughout their retirement.
  2. Transfer: Your financial professional should be actively involved with your estate planning team, plain and simple. As your advisor, we are your financial quarterback and it is imperative we make sure your beneficiary designations align with your wishes. We also want to make sure your investments transfer to your beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner possible, which is also why we work closely with our client’s tax professionals as well. In our opinion, your advisor should be going the extra mile to work with your other team of planners to put you in the best spot possible.

We feel strongly about being a go-to resource for our clients on all financial matters. Keep these 3 points in mind when you ask yourself what your financial advisor should be doing for you!

All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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